Hello everyone! I found a pack of 2010 Topps series 1 on a recent trip to target. But this isnt just any pack…..


$1.59 Its a discount pack! But wait! This isnt any ordinary discounted pack…..


Its a retail pack!!!!! Something that hasnt been seen in 2 years!!!!

Stupid phone showing pictures upside down


The inserts up there

Heres what I got for base cards:

267 blue jays franchise history
35 rick porcello
128 Garrett Mook
39 Jeff Baker
318 Nate Schierholtz
1 Prince Fielder
205 Chris Coghlan
301 Jack Cust
103 Daniel Murphy

No SPs but at least now I have a wrapper for when I put the set in a binder. Go to your local walmart or target and see if you have any retail packs! I know that the next time I go ill be getting a few more!