Okay so this post is another one of those things for listia. First I want to say a few things that ive done in terms of my collection. I have won a few things on listia already but im going to show them once I have them in hand. I requested the final diamond giveaway delivery so youll be getting that in 2 weeks or less.

That will be a short series of posts. The random topps set of the day is on hold right now mainly because ive stopped writing them and it takes so long to do it from my phone.

On an irrelevant note I want to say ive gotten pages for my 1988 Topps baseball set so now all of what I have will be put into pages. I spent $9 on that a week ago so I guess I did spend something in june. Im saving my money for a factory set of 2012 baseball. I have only opened 3 packs yes THREE all year. All of it being series 1. Ill get some series 2 soon for the retail wrappers I want once I put them in a binder.

Now as for the listia thing I hope this works. Its the email you get for invites. I tried it with some people I know but they didnt get the email. It turns out that it went to the spam folder. I know this because I tried emailing it to myself and it showed up as spam. Anyway heres the text from the email invite

TC804 (my username) started using Listia and is inviting you to check it out! Listia is a marketplace where you can get rid of old stuff, and get something new like clothes, toys, electronics or anything else… without spending money. This link gives you $10 in free credits: http:// http://www.listia.com/r15mpc/1698339 Use them to get anything you like!

Theres more to it but the rest was just to stop getting invites so it doesnt matter.

Try it out!