So for today’s Post I will finally tell you all how I got what I got in this whole thing. It was all the result of 2 glitches on the site. One of them was around january and the second was in late May/. The glitches were the same: Enter a code and you were not given a card. You were given a chance to dig. The good thing is that you could enter the same code over and over and still get more digs. The first time this happened I only had 19 digs from different codes so when I took advantage of this I only did it to have enough rings for the exclusive set and then get free shipping. The second time around was actually even better because it happened over the weekend which allowed everyone to use it for 3 days. Did I take advantage of it? Of course I did! How else would I have gotten 45 cards for free?

Heres the thing most people dont know: I got a lot of digs. How many? Well im going to let you take a moment to guess. Heres a hint: I had 4 shipments and 3 of them were with packs being delivered. So how many digs did I get? 250? 500? No.  The answer is 12500 digs. No that is not a typo it really was TWELVE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED digs. First let me just say that digging that many times really is boring but I did 1000 Per day. Had I gotten more I would have probably been able to get enough for 100 packs. But no. This many digs got me 50 packs, FIFTY packs.


I didnt need to dig up 12500 holes for the packs. Once I got 50 I stopped so here are the results of get this: 12357 Digs.


Rings (12352 Digs)
Current MLB Teams
1 Arizona Diamondbacks                
                                QTY: 213
2 Atlanta Braves                                                 QTY: 236
3 Baltimore Orioles                                                 QTY: 256
4 Boston Red Sox                                                 QTY: 202
5 Chicago Cubs                                                 QTY: 222
6 Chicago White Sox                                                 QTY: 228
7 Cincinnati Reds                                                 QTY: 209
8 Cleveland Indians                                                 QTY: 211
9 Colorado Rockies                                                 QTY: 212
10 Detroit Tigers                                                 QTY: 197
11 Florida Marlins                                                 QTY: 239
12 Houston Astros                                                 QTY: 230
13  Kansas City Royals                                                 QTY: 205
14 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim                                                 QTY: 216
15 Los Angeles Dodgers                                                 QTY: 228
16 Milwaukee Brewers                                                 QTY: 217
17 Minnesota Twins                                                 QTY: 203
18 New York Mets                                                 QTY: 197
19 New York Yankees                                                 QTY: 199
20 Oakland Athletics                                                 QTY: 185
21 Philadelphia Phillies                                                 QTY: 233
22 Pittsburgh Pirates                                                 QTY: 210
23 San Diego Padres                                                 QTY: 209
24 San Francisco Giants                 QTY: 214
25 Seattle Mariners                                                 QTY: 192
26 St. Louis Cardinals                                                 QTY: 195
27 Tampa Bay Rays                                                 QTY: 200
28 Texas Rangers                                                 QTY: 203
29 Toronto Blue Jays                                                 QTY: 204
30 Washington Nationals                                                 QTY: 201
OLD Teams
31 Boston Braves                                                 QTY: 191
32 Brooklyn Dodgers                                                 QTY 209
33 Buffalo Bisons
QTY: 211
34 Chicago White Stockings
QTY: 215
35 Cincinnati Redlegs
QTY: 216
36: Houston Colt 45s
QTY: 187
37: Kansas City Athletics
QTY: 169
38: Louisville Colonels
QTY: 214
39: Milwaukee Braves
QTY: 202
40: Montreal Expos
QTY: 210
41: New York Giants
QTY: 210
42: Philadelphia Athletics
QTY: 202
43: Seattle Pilots
QTY: 231
44: St. Louis Browns
QTY: 195
45: Washington Senators
QTY: 210
46: Babe Ruth
QTY: 198
47: Cal Ripken
QTY: 212
48: Frank Robinson
QTY: 224
49: Hank Aaron
QTY: 231
50: Jackie Robinson
QTY: 225
51: Lou Gehrig
QTY: 186
52: Mike Schmidt
QTY: 224
53: Nolan Ryan
QTY: 225
54: Ozzie Smith
QTY: 193
55: Reggie Jackson
QTY: 195
56 Roy Campanella
QTY: 210
57: Sandy Koufax
QTY: 209
58: Stan Musial
QTY: 201
59: Ted Willams
QTY: 201
60: Mickey Mantle: None (I added this part)
I didnt even really want that ring anyway. Now that Ive told you about the rings I got I can show you tomorrow the packs! Ill tell you now that no 70s packs were given to me and that I got packs from 6 different years

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