While looking over the cards I got from the Diamond Giveaway a while back I noticed something that I didnt see when I first got this card. It may look like an ordinary 1970 Topps Larry Jaster right? Well it is, but if you look closer youll see that someone drew a little mustache. I dont remember if the card is bent or not but the and the picture was probably taken while it was still in the toploader.  Thats not the point, the opint is that someone drew a mustach on Larry!

Am I dissapointed by this? Am I going to just throw this card out? The answer is…no. I wont. Its an old 70s cards and whether theyre in great condition or not anything 1979 and older will be in my collection. Sure I dont apprecitate any markings on any card unless it was autographed but at least its not completely scribbled on to the point where you cant see anything, Now if it were an 80s card I would have a very different opinion on it.

This does give me an idea though. I have a bunch of cards that are not from Topps that I dont want. What do I do with them? Well with trades I use them as filler. But in the event I dont do a trade I will now destroy them personally. Great idea considering most of what I have is junk.