Hello everyone! Let me start off by saying that I apologize for not having posted these past few days. As I said before I havent had much to write about. I havent had any TTM returns although I have sent just one in the past week.

Today I got my SP that I said I made a deal for


There it is! #135 Dale Murphy! Cost me $4 but it definetly was worth the price because I need to finish my set. This was bought from blowout card forum member Yankees _Pride. That brings me to one less card for my 2011 Topps set. I think I need like 65 more to go and all but US330 are going to be hard to get.

On another note here is one listia thing ive gotten


2008 Topps #FS1 Kazuo Uzuki all for the price of 26 credits. Ive also sold a few things, mostly mycoke rewards codes but also a Mark Trumbo orange refractor and 2 cognac SPs.

The unusual thing about that shipment was that it came in this box


Thats right I said box. All for 1 card.

Not pictured is a 1957 Topps card of whitey lockman I got for 530 credits.

I really like listia because you dont have to deal with fees and can easily turn one card into many!

I plan on getting other things besides cards there but for now its all cards I need for my sets or just something that interests me.

Well thats it for now. Ill see when I post again…..