Hi everyone! Its been about 2 months since ive posted anything. Youre probably wondering where ive been (or not lol) in that time. Well let me just say that ive been in school. Recently I started college so thats been taking up a lot of my time. Busy every day now except for weekends. This means I dont have a lot of time to post anything at all. I havent done much with card collecting recently but I have gotten a few ttm autographs. I  have a few saved on my computer so ill show you some of those.



Okay so Im lazy. Heres one of them. Billy Ray Smith on a 1988 Topps Football card. Im still working on my signed set. For that set Ive gotten some other autographs like Harry Carson Ozzie Newsome and Lawrence Taylor.  With the addition of those autographs I think I now have like 6 signed cards out of 393. There are some others ive gotten that arent 1988 topps football related such as Lawrence Taylor on a 1989 Topps Card. Monte Irvin on a 2011 Topps Update SP and a few others.

Im very happy with this hobby because it gives me something to do with my extra cards. I dont know how many times (if any) ive said that. And with Listia im able to trade and sell any of the cards I get extras of. Sure it may take a while to be able to buy something big but Its worth it because I enjoy it and it makes me happy.

Im sorry that im not very descriptive with these posts but im not a good writer. Im trying to find tume for a lot of things in my life now so I may not be able to post like I used to. If I can it will be once every week or 2. But ill be here. You can sure count on that!

Until next time……