Hi everyone! Hope youve all had fun over the holidays. I did.  Didnt get any cards for christmas but Im not dissapointed by it. What I am dissapointed by is the fact that I havent found time to post during the past 3 weeks that Ive been off. That sucks. As of right now ive gotten a bunch of cards, mostly from listia. What an awesome site that is. And thanks to that and one other site I believe Ive found the oerfect combination of free stuff. Why? Well to prove it I want to say that I got a Joe Theismann Rookie Card.

What did that cost me on Listia you might ask? Well that card cost me 4500 listia credits. Not the most I spent on anything there. I believe that goes to a 1952 Topps card. In fact here are some links because I dont have the cards with me and my phone doesnt work so I can at the very least email the photo.



The theismann Rookie right there. 4500 credits


Okay so its a close second. The 1952 Topps Card you see there cost me 4695 credits.  But thats not All Ive gotten. There are moments in which card collecting gets kind of boring. And so Ive bought a few things like smashed pennies and an Aerosmith album. So its not all cards.

Now what I wanted to mention is that “Perfect Combination”. Why? well it has benefitted me to the point where I have spent money only on card pages and I am saving up for a factory set. I dont get a lot of money per month for cards so yes I have to save up. Anyway theres a site called swagbucks that ive been using since september. Ive gotten at least $15-25 in amazon gift cards and then selling those on listia. And the gift cards go for 5-6K credits on there so I can get a lot of cards.

As for ttms (Through the mail Autos) I have gotten a few. Most recently Ernest Givens for my 1988 Topps set. I always offer the people I send the cards to an extra one but they almodt never keep them so I sell those on Listia as well.

Im slowly “Trading” cards there and decreasing the number of extras I have. The autos are a nice way to do that and it makes all my cards seem not so useless and crappy.

Anyway if you want to sign up for swagbucks theres a link right here


If yiu use that link it would benefit both me and you because when you refer somebody they get matching swagbucks. Meaning that if one person wins lets say 14 swagbucks then the other person also gets 14 swagbucks and vice versa. And after a while it adds up. I only do the searching and the daily poll but it doesnt take long for me to get a gift card.

Im very active there so using that link as I would like to say again would benefit both me and the person who uses that link a lot.

Well thats about it, Im sorry about not being able to post any pictures but thats my problem and trust me im trying to do something about it but I cant at the moment.