Hello again everyone. Do I even need to say why im not blogging frequently anymore? Well no I think I said that in my last post. But to say again, its school. Takes up all my time so I dont have any time for this thing, although I plan to make time, like right now. Ive gotten 5 more cards signed for my 1988 Topps autograph set that Ive been working on. Although now I dont have a phone so I cant even get pictures but I guess thats life for you.

Before I get into other things I wanted to ask whats with the new wordpress layout? I mean the log in screen changed! Good or not I dont like it. Im not a fan of change but ill get used to it.

Now onto my other stuff. One of my more recent TTM Autographs comes from Joe Theismann. I think I said I got his Rookie card on Listia a while back and a few weeks ago I got it signed along with a 1986 Topps card of him. It came back with a few creases on the side. I dont know why but I think it has to do with how the mail gets processed. Doesnt matter to me though, I keep a lot of the autographs that I have gotten.

I was counting my cards a while back as well and the number in my official collection has gone up to about 7250. Nearly 1000 of those are parallels though. Im thinking of doing a massive one lot clearence on Listia. So like a 300 card insert lot and more, but im still thinking about that one.

Theres one more thing I wanted to discuss but I think that deserves its own post. So that will be one that shows up as a scheduled post. Be on the look for that one.