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And this is where it begins. What exactly? Well Ill explain. A while ago on the blowout cards forum a member had a contest. I entered just for fun and I ended up winning this thing here



Please note that im aware that theres no right or wrong thing to collect. Everyone has a choice so its okay. Me on the other hand can not stand to have any other brand of card other than Topps or Topps Chrome! And now Panini? Never thought Id ever do this but it looks like im going to collect Panini Prizm cards. Just Prizm. As long as it lasts. Why? Well lets look at what I consider a reason for collecting,

Time existing as a brand/company (I think since the 1960s)

Sports it produces (more than 1)

Design (and thats a big one for me)

Does Panini Prizm have all of that? 2 out of 3. If it is produced in 2013-14 then ill keep collecting. For now its just basketball.

Wow, looks like I have a lot to think about…….