Hello everyone! As you know I havent had much time to blog anymore. As you can see here im still doing the posts from time to time. I havent abandoned you all yet. You may be wondreing about the title of this post. Well the thing about that is I want to see if I can get a complete Set out of Listia. In my last post I covered a “Perfect Combination” Which allows me to buy and sell on listia without spending a single dime.

And heres where Basketball cards come in. Ive gotten 6 or 7 from the 1981-82 Topps Basketball Set. And I see them listed from time to time so it is possible to do. Its a short set at 198 cards. So lets take a look at the cards Ive won so far…..


It began with these 2 cards from the same seller. I bought them at 100 credits each




I really like the design of the set so I thought “Why not go for the other 196 out there?”

And I did. Later I got these next 2 cards from a different seller, also for 100 credits each.



So at this point I was at 4/198 and only spending 400 credits


I apologize for posting a bunch of links but its the best I can do at the moment. Anyway, I got this one for 303 credits

and the next one for 200


So after 6 cards I am at 6/198 and 903 credits right now. Can I finish the set? Well yes, I mean there are 2 cards up from the set right now. So assuming I win I would be at 8/198 but who knows.

Along with this there have also been 7-13 cards that Ive either missed out on bidding or just didnt have the credits for.A big one being Kareem Abdul Jabbar which went for around 2500. Oh well, There will be more I suppose.

Well thats all I have to say for now. Wish me luck on getting the set together on Listia!