When we last left off here I mentioned I was 6 cards into the set. I forgot to mention that one of the sellers threw in an extra card from that set for me. The first seller on Listia by the name of “JimBob24″gave me a Reggie Theus card for free, it may have been because I already bought 4 cards from him that weekend. Since then Ive gotten a few more cards and thats what im going to show here today


Going through my winnings which are both easy and hard at the same time has led me to believe that I need to stay organized. After that Jim Paxson RC that I left off with in post #1 I then won Mitch Kupchak’s card here.


Yes, im still posting links. I have a phone now but I still need to download the wordpress app but I cant for some reason. I will at some point, as soon as I figure out the problem. Anyway I got that card and this one below from the same seller for 499 credits each


I think thats 3 pairs of cards from the same seller right now. And then heres where things get a bit expensive


2 cards, 999 credits total bringing me to 11/198 cards.

I won a Wes Matthews card for 606 credits


Im not too descriptive, sorry about that.. Im trying but its a bit tough without a picture.

And lastly as part of a 3 card lot I won a Darwin Cook Rookie card for 499 credits.


And just to note, it was 3 cards for 499 total credits. So dividing that would mean roughly 167 credits for each card.

7/198=903- thats part 1

6/198=2770 Part 2

so now here I am now

13 cards for a total of 3673 credits. I won another card yesterday but I wont add it here until I get it in hand. Its a bit of a stupdi statement to those who have bought and sold in other sites but im just reaffirming that all items can only be accounted for once theyre in hand.

13 cards for 3,673 credits isnt that bad is it? Well not to me it isnt. I use a 1000-$1 ratio based on the Amazon gift cards that I sell. So that means by my calculations 3,673 credits is $3.67 for those 13 cards.

Sorry for the boring and inconsistent posting lately. Now that I have a phone and other things ill be sure to post more, At least once a week, I promise!