Thats what I recieved thursday. All those cards you see there. Recently I won an auction on Listia. It was a 993 card lot of 1981 Topps Baseball. I had to pay the shipping but at least it was cheap.

$13 for nearly 1000 cards! I thought the lot would only be cards 1-726. I was wrong. It had bits of the Topps Traded set as well, which led me to believe that either

A…the seller took out some key cards in that set like Valenzuela and Ainge or

B…the seller didnt want the cards knowing that a few were missing.

Not bad though, im sure ill find someone who has extras of those cards. If I find at least half the set ill be putting them in a binder.

Im pretty sure I will have half the set (429 cards) Bad thing is id have to make a wantlist.

Oh well. Im still sorting the cards, and seperating the extras. Ill have a wantlist up in a week or 2.

Thats it for now….Oh and Happy Easter!!!