When we see collectors doing their hobby we see different forms of it. Card collecting has its own different forms as well. Theres player collecting, team collecting, company specific.

And then theres the low, mid and high end collecting.

Theres collectors of all these types and if I were to put myself into one of these id say I was a low end collector. All base, few inserts and very rarely getting any of the “hits”. Ive said a few times before that I hate collectors who just look for hits.

To me thats not really collecting, its more of a business. I brought up this topic to inform you that I collect both low and mid end cards. Low would be your regular Topps cards that have been around since 1951.

Mid end in my definition is things like Topps Chrome (1996) Heritage (2001) and Panini Prizm (2012)

While I do like what I have in my collection I often wonder what it would be like to own a high end card. Actually I dont wonder, I know what its like.


But then theres really high end which is still high end no matter how high they get. I call that Topps Triple Threads, nothing but hits.

So whats the point of all this? Well nothing really, just wanted to say that im looking for a high end set to collect. While theres nothing wrong with that, ill say that like the rest of my collection I will probably never have a full set of it.

At first I thought finest but thats almost always been a 100 card set. Yes the number disturbs me and even the design. Its got all the requirements for me to want to collect it but its not really appealing.

And then I looked at my Tribute card again. The front is nice but the back is a simple paragraph of text. Almost no stats or anything.


But I can live with that. Tribute I believe is also a 100 card set but I like it enough to collect it.

Do I want to collect it? Yes. Do I have to? No. But I would like a high end set in my collection at some point.

Thats a long way of saying im going to collect Topps Tribute. Not now but soon. Regular Topps and Topps Chrome will always be first though.

(PS: Try typing this on a phone. Its hard!)