Im bored. I wrote a few TTM Requests and dont even have money to buy cards. I mean I do but its locked up in trade funds at the moment. Hopefully I have a bit to spend on in a few weeks. Im 2 weeks away from completing my first year in college.

Its been frustrating because its had its difficult moments but ive had a bit of fun as well. One thing I wanted to show here is another hobby of mine.

About a year ago I got into collecting these pennies. For those unfamilliar theyre pennies you get at machines in various locations.  You put 51 cents or $1.01 depending on where you go. I went to the planetarium yesterday and got myself 4 of these. For the next 4 days ill write something about each one and youll see it right here on this blog.

When youre out of material what can you do? May be boring to some, if it is then go read something else until saturday, or some other time.

Get ready for my first Pressed Penny week! (4/7 days) not officially a week, but its close so yeah im calling it a week.