I dont trade very often for several reasons. One is I dont have enough money for cards…ever. I save up and yet it dissapears for reasons which I dont know, stamps binders sheets you name it.

I dont put a lot aside which is a reason within a reason, but its also because what I have to trade is basically crap to the collecting community, at least the community I know.

About 98% of my collection is base and inserts. Thats it. No I dont like autos or relics or anything of the sort. The other 2 percent are parallels.  The other reasons…..well theyre pretty much in this category I dont need to explain.

Luckily I did manage to trade for a lot of cards I didnt have before, in form of 1985 Topps.


Thats a stack of about 50 cards. I traded a few inserts and junk wax type cards for these cards so id say I came on the better end of the deal.

Now I know anyone collecting must be wary of trading on a non trading site. I didnt care because I wanted to rid myself of a few extra cards. So had I been scammed it wouldnt have mattered.

(please dont scam me on a trade!)

Which leads me to this: im still waiting on a few people to get back to me on some trades. Either let me know if youre willing to trade or send an address.

I still need to work on a trade list and at this point its looking like it will take me 50 years to do.

Remember its mostly base but, my base for trade is getting better. I still have a lot of 1981 Baseball from that lot I got in March. I hope to be adding more 1985 Football in the coming months.

I also need a huge storage box because im running out of room and I dont want to see random boxes.

I wont burn my useless cards either. I know someone will want them.

Man this went from a trade post to…randomness.

Sorry about that. I got a ttm return ill be showing in a few days