Last week I discussed that I had a ttm to show. This wasnt it. No, actually this came back yesterday and I was just so excited that I wanted to show it. It came with a thought though. Did he keep one or not?


Almost every time that I do a ttm request I ask the people to keep a card or 2. Its a way for me to thank the people im writing to. Well theres that but I also have a large collection of base cards. But I usually have a great memory of what I sent. With Mr. Tekulve however I cant seem to remember what I asked him to keep.

I dont know if it was a 1980 or a 1988 Topps card.


Either way, 3 more signed cards in my collection and one more that I no longer own. And ive said this a few times: any time I can get rid of cards im happy. Athletes actually keeping a card for themselves when I ask them to makes me even happier.

A big thank you goes to Kent Tekulve for giving me 3 more signed cards for my collection!

Thats a great way to end the month isnt it?