Today, or somewhere around this week, marks 3 years since I first started this little thing. Ive wanted to do a post like this for some time now but the past 2 years the day has slipped by.

2011: I forgot and I was posting very rarely anyway.

2012: I was more active but by then my phone wasnt working and so I couldnt blog. I also didnt have a computer available at home so thats the reason.

This year however is this post. So where are we after 3 years of writing?

Not too far actually, in terms of collecting, there has been quite a boom in cards, trades, sales, stuff like that.

I didnt have many cards when I started this thing. Maybe around 1800-2500. Now that has grown to over 7500. Not much of an increase to some but im not a big multi-box breaker so to me its a pretty big deal.

Whats planned for the next year?

I honestly dont know. More cards of course and there will be more TTM autographs to show. I still dont have a complete set to show off but im close, so very close.

Im also hoping to add a few more printing plates (one or 2 at least) but thats the least of my worries in cards.

I do hope to trade a lot more than now. I think I said that earlier in this post.

Anything else to collect? Like I said way back in like January-March theres that Panini Prizm.

I like it, but with only 2 years in production, I still doubt it lasts.

I suppose I could start a set and if it doesnt last I can sell what I have.

If I do decide on Prizm, this blog will need a new name. There will be some sort of contest, but a prize (if any) will take a while for me to find.

So in closing, I have absolutely no idea what this post is about. I would like to close out by saying that ive had fun so far, but it could be much more better.