In case anyone has actually been keeping up with this thing at all, I have decided to just stop for now.

You see, the posts have been very inconsistent and I just havent felt like writing. The last post was from december!

Anyway, the inspiration is pretty much gone. Im still buying selling and trading a bit of cards. So with what will be my final post for now, ill give a very brief summary of stuff.

Ive had about 2 or 3 trades recently. I bought a 800 card lot of 1985 Baseball. Still not going to start actively pursuing it, but I will soon.

I started an error card collection. The whole thing just sort of grew on me one day, you know, those unappreciated scrap cards. Yeah, wrong backs, different teams and all that.

I got my first box bottoms not too long ago. Ive known about them for a while, but I thought, why not buy a few. So now I guess ill be adding them all to my collection.

Collections, in the past 5 months ive decided to start 2 others. Funny thing is, theyre all base card related. Here they are.

Sets: ive been doing this one pretty much forever, but now its more than just 1-660 or 792 or whatever, now its that plus box bottom plus any errors that are relevant like the 1988 Al Leiter or the 2007 Matsuzaka in japanese letters.

Errors/variations/rare cards: ive got most of a list ready but im always finding new things and debating others. Right now its at about 2400, but I may add more.

And to clarify, its base and the variation or whatever.

If I had to pick 5 of the hardest cards to find this would be my list in no order

1984: #801
1990: USA1 The George Bush card
1990: Frank Thomas NNOF
2007 Chrome Football: 111
And lastly

2009 football: Barack Obama #441

And the last of my collections: Rookies. Thats a tough one. Its been a work in progress since february.

I may just start the last 2 in 2015, once everything is sorted out.

The player collections that I doubt will go far: Ozzie Newsome, Warren Moon, Roberto Clemente, and Yoenis Cespedes.

Im still doing trades and stuff and ive been slowly moving every list to somewhere I can access it.

With that I leave and say goodbye. It could be a month, a year or even 10. Who knows.

Good bye to the blog (for now)….