TTM Return: Tony Zendejas

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Hi everyone! You may be wondering why I havent posted anything since the end of june. Well its not that ive had nothing to post, I do but the thing is ive been waiting for a few cards to come in so that I can do a huge post.

I suppose ill just break it off into pieces or something. Anyway, the card you see at the top of the post is a signed Tony Zendejas card. Im still doing the 1988 Topps auto set but im on and off with it.

I never thought that zendejas did ttm but I saw a return and thought, why not?

Looks like he signed it “dan” or “don” but its tony. This brings me to about 21 cards signed from the set. I got 2 of these signed along with a 1989 Topps and a 1989 team card of his as well. So in all 4 cards signed, but im keeping 3 for myself.

On another note, I got 3 cards for my 1981-82 Topps set so ill post an update to that in a few days.


TTM Return: Ray Childress

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Recently, I got a ttm return from Ray Childress. This wasnt any ordinary request though.

Im still doing the 1988 Topps football autograph set (slowly) but its still going. Anyway, I got that signed.

The out of the ordinary thing was those custom relic cards. If youve been reading youll remember that a few weeks ago I got some custom relics made from a member on the blowout cards forum. I got those signed, however one was missing the relic piece.

Oh well, cant really do much about it. I like it and ill have a few more made!

Thats it for now..enjoy!

Some more recent mail

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So over the past 2 weeks ive gotten things from TTMs to lots of cards. Ill start with the ttms


Jamie moyer, this one was actually from may but I never showed it. Along with this I got another 2011 Topps signed, a 2004 topps chrome and a 1987 Topps


Jeff Karstens. I sent this one off in spring training. I sent this card along with another 2011 Topps and a 2013 Topps. All 3 were signed.


Jerry Mumphrey. Along with this one I sent him 2 1981 Topps and a 1981 Topps Traded. I offered him a card and he kept it, one of the 1981 Topps.


Eric Dickerson. One of my favorites so far. A great addition for my 1988 Topps autograph set im working on. I wanted him to sign 2 of the 3 I sent but he kept a copy of this card along with the team card. Oh well, im still happy.

Then was this…


Guess what this is. Ready?….


Yeah. A lot of 800 1985 Topps football cards. With this I have most of my set finished and im down to the last 90 or so cards. I have a wantlist and a trade list ready but I need to post them.

And lastly….


My first Game Used Card. And a topps tribute one at that. I got it from listia for less than 2000 credits. I thought it would have gone for a whole lot more but I guess not.

Pretty good isnt it? Thats it for now…

TTM Return: Sean Landeta

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Ok heres a return from former giants punter sean landeta


The entire card isnt visible. Mr Landeta was kind enough to sign all 3 cards I sent.

Sent: 5-2-12
Recieved: 5-21-12

I thought I was only going to get 1 back since I saw online most only got 1 out of however many they sent. All 3 cards I sent were 1988 topps cards. I also wrote in the letter I sent him to keep a card and as ive said repeatedly I got all 3 back. This puts me at 3 cards for my signed set. 390 to go!

TTM Return: Vencie Glenn

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I dont feel too good today. Ive been like that since monday. If youre eating right now id hate to tell you this but I think I got diarrhea. If you want ill post a picture of my toilet lol! But seriously its not too bad.

Enough about diarrhea heres a return from chargers safety vencie glenn. He played in the NFL from 1986-1995. He played for the patriots chargers and a few other teams before finishing his career with the giants in 1995. I sent this on february 28 Got it back monday which was cool because that was my birthday. I sent 4 1988 topps cards and offered him 2. I got all 4 back signed in pen.

The cards are #s 2 and 214 in the set

You cant see the autos but they say peace, vencie glenn. Both of the record breaker cards are signed peace and joy but next to his picture on one of the record breaker cards he wrote “me”. Thats going into my 1988 topps binder.

Thanks mr glenn.

By the way thats the first 2 to come in for my autograph set. 2 down 391 to go!!

Autograph Set Project: 1988 Topps Football

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One of the things ive wanted to do with my cards is to own a complete autograph set of cards from each sport. I havent decided which set to do for baseball basketball or even hockey but what I have decided to do is to try and get a complete auto set of 1988 topps football.

I know these types of things are hard to do but at least theres some fun in the process. For those of you who collect football cards you might know how many cards are in this set. 396. However there are 393 Player/Team cards.

As ive said I want to get all the cards signed. And for the league leader cards I will try to get both players (theres 4 on 1 card) to sign the card.

I understand there are some players in the set who are either dead or just wont sign TTM (Through The Mail) such as walter payton dave duerson dan marino and others but thats part of the challenge. Then there are players like steve young who only sign 1 card for a person ever. Thats 1 card and then never give another return for a person. Thats fine I can deal with it.

If I cant get those autographs TTM for whatever reason id also be willing to trade or maybe even buy from my readers as well.

So far for this thing ive sent requests to these people

Warren Moon 2 cards
Doug Williams 2 cards
Vencie Glenn 2 cards
Sean Landeta 1 card

Future requests

Joe Montana 3 cards.

Ill also be doing this in a random order so it wont seem so boring. If anyone can help me out with a few auto cards from this set by either sending me autographed cards or at least useable addresses please let me know. Comment here or email me at with the subject 1988 Topps Football Autographs.

Also with those requests ill sending cards to give away to them or cards from other sets to have signed as well.

Ill be updating this as I go along in my blog so keep checking for posts like this.

I hope to have this done in 5 years. lol. But seriously though however long it takes ill have fun in the process and once I get it done well who knows what ill do with it.

Wish me luck. Thats all for today…..