Remebering a fallen member

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Got some sad news to report today. Those of you that read this blog know im a member of the forum. Monday.we got sad news that one of the members on that forum died.

bballcardkid4 died a while back. The exact date is unknown to us but his last post was march 26-27.

Im doing this post as a memorial to him. Sure I never really interacted with him but he seemed like a good guy.

Its not often you hear someone die so young but unfortunately thats what happened.

If youre a member of the forum or plan on registering there sometime I encourage you to please leave a memorial post for him

Heres the thread

Ill do a better post tomorrow….

Blowout Purchase #8

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I have no self control….


At least when it comes to cards. For $12 I got 4 SPs. Monte Irvin Roger Maris Frank Thomas and Andre Dawson
The other 2 SPs I got for free. Roy Campanella and Hank Greenberg. These were bought from forum member st0lenbase. I now have 68 Base SPs to finish my set!!  And on top of that I still need the 5 factory set exclusive cards for a total of 73 really hard to get cards. I still havent finished my trade list. Got to work on that.

Check back for another post soon!…

Blowout Purchase #7

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Im Tired. This post will be short

I bought a ty cobb SP from member clarkzac for $5.

As a nice gesture he also included some base cards I need to finish the topps update portion of my 2011 topps set. That purchase was my 4th SP from 2011. I have 72 to go!!!

Thats all…see how short that was?


Blowout Cards purchase #6

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Time for another installment of the blowout cards forums. As a member of the forums ive had my share of comments, trades, and purchases there. Its mostly been purchases. Ive only traded twice and i have a total of about 500 posts although im not actually at that number yet. Anyway this purchase was from member JoeD617

For $7 I bought 4 SPs and there are pictures below. (I think)


and lastly…

Its the Update Series version (US#309)



Once again $7 got me these 4 cards and that was $7 shipped for an average price of $1.75 per SP! Now I know not to buy the rest of the SPs until the price goes way down. When these first came out they would have sold for maybe $10-30 right? Now youre lucky if you can get at least $5 for it. So heres my 2011 SP count with this purchase

Base: 3

Platinum Diamond: 1

Cognac: 3

for a total of: 7!!!

Am I looking to get the SPs from all the parallels? No. Just the base ones. The Cognac and platinum diamond SPs are up for trade. That reminds me that I need to get that trade list done. That will probably take me a year. lol….

Blowout cards purchase #5

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Okay. Let me start out by saying that the picture may or may not show up on this post. If it does good if not then ill describe it. Another thing I wanted to point out was that these purchases are not in any particular order. 1-4 are just in whatever order I remembered to post them and 5- onwards are in whatever order I recieve them or whatever order I choose to post them in

Onto the subject. This purchase comes from member marcjack. For $3 I bought a 2007 topps chrome ryan sweeney auto. This is #335 in the set. This is my 2nd chrome auto and my 4th overall. I had originally planned to buy some SPs from him but when I found out it was $23 for both I decided this was cheaper for me at the moment. Also not to be rude but I could get more SPs for $23 if I could find sellers willing to sell that low. But I understand you want to make money so its all good.

Anyway thanks for the deal on the auto marcjack and to my readers keep reading.

Blowout cards purchase #2

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Stupid camera. It has these moments when it just takes pictures and they come out upside down so I have to flip it over so it looks right.

Enough about the camera. I bought my first 2012 SP a few weeks ago from blowout cards forum member benshobbies for $7. Not too bad considering its new and its eric hosmer. I bought a few more cards on there but ill post them in a different post

For those of you who havent joined the blowout cards forums its a great place for cards (then again arent all forums good?). Im out of things to say now. Next is a good post on another purchase I made. So be back tomorrow…

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