Some more recent mail

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So over the past 2 weeks ive gotten things from TTMs to lots of cards. Ill start with the ttms


Jamie moyer, this one was actually from may but I never showed it. Along with this I got another 2011 Topps signed, a 2004 topps chrome and a 1987 Topps


Jeff Karstens. I sent this one off in spring training. I sent this card along with another 2011 Topps and a 2013 Topps. All 3 were signed.


Jerry Mumphrey. Along with this one I sent him 2 1981 Topps and a 1981 Topps Traded. I offered him a card and he kept it, one of the 1981 Topps.


Eric Dickerson. One of my favorites so far. A great addition for my 1988 Topps autograph set im working on. I wanted him to sign 2 of the 3 I sent but he kept a copy of this card along with the team card. Oh well, im still happy.

Then was this…


Guess what this is. Ready?….


Yeah. A lot of 800 1985 Topps football cards. With this I have most of my set finished and im down to the last 90 or so cards. I have a wantlist and a trade list ready but I need to post them.

And lastly….


My first Game Used Card. And a topps tribute one at that. I got it from listia for less than 2000 credits. I thought it would have gone for a whole lot more but I guess not.

Pretty good isnt it? Thats it for now…


A Big Weekend for Mail

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Every so often there are weekends in which I get a lot of mail. Yes I realize its Wednesday. To me 4 letters usually isnt much unless theyre TTMs or anything but I had a bit of everything this last weekend. Heres what I got….


First is an Elvin Bethea card I got from Listia. For those who dont know its from the 1975 Topps set. A pretty good set, I got the card only because I found out Elvin Bethea did TTM but for a small fee. Ill get to it eventually but even if I dont send it off its still a great addition to my collection.


Next is a TTM return from Ray Guy. One of the best Punters of his time, he was kind enough to sign 3 cards for me which ill also show here.


The card above is from the 1985 Topps set. This will be going into my set binder shortly….and lastly….


A 1980 Topps card. I had originally gotten the card from Listia and had actually wanted this card for a relative of mine who is a Raiders fan. Since it is from their 2nd Super Bowl win (1980) ill be giving him this one.

Not only did I get that but I also got a few cards from some Blowout Cards Forum members. The first one here is from SDCardguy24. He was on his way to an autograph signing but unfortunately could not get the people I wanted to sign.

I was okay with that and my money was returned and cards unsigned. However I was also greeted by a nice surprise…


A Bowman Kyle Boller auto!. Sure it is an IP autograph and it may be a Bowman card but it was nice of him to give me a signed card even though I didnt ask for it. Thanks!

And lastly, some cards from another member lawjawjones.


On the forum he made a thread a while back about some custom relics he made himself. I saw them and thought “they look pretty good”. So I asked if he can make me a few and kindly offered to do them. A while later (which was this past weekend) I had 6 custom relic cards!


Three Sammy Winder cards, a Bobby Hebert and 2 more. Theyre all from the 1988 Topps set. Unfortunately as I was going through them I accidentally ripped the jersey card relic a bit. Thats my favorite one out of the lot! You can see the it in the first picture.


And the last 2 I mentioned. Ray Childress cards. I had 2 of each done because I want to see how they would look signed and also to give these guys a card of their own.

All these relics that I had made are from the 1988 Football set because its one of my favorite designs. Im thinking of having an entire relic set made but for now, 6 cards is pretty good.

We also traded a few cards. I sent some brewers parallels and got some Roberto Clemente cards in return Thanks lawjaw.

And thats it for now. Thanks for reading….

Whole Lot of Topps! On Easter!!!!



Thats what I recieved thursday. All those cards you see there. Recently I won an auction on Listia. It was a 993 card lot of 1981 Topps Baseball. I had to pay the shipping but at least it was cheap.

$13 for nearly 1000 cards! I thought the lot would only be cards 1-726. I was wrong. It had bits of the Topps Traded set as well, which led me to believe that either

A…the seller took out some key cards in that set like Valenzuela and Ainge or

B…the seller didnt want the cards knowing that a few were missing.

Not bad though, im sure ill find someone who has extras of those cards. If I find at least half the set ill be putting them in a binder.

Im pretty sure I will have half the set (429 cards) Bad thing is id have to make a wantlist.

Oh well. Im still sorting the cards, and seperating the extras. Ill have a wantlist up in a week or 2.

Thats it for now….Oh and Happy Easter!!!

Some Past TTMs

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Hello everyone. Im just getting reacquainted with the wordpress app here. Im posting 3 ttms of note Up first is 1984 Topps Ron Cey that I got along with the 1987 topps and 1987 Topps traded card of his


Im focusing more on the autos here. Swen Nater on a 1981-82 Basketball card that I got along with a 1978-79 Topps. By the way this was my first basketball ttm And Lastly…….. .


A signed 1975 Topps Joe Theismann RC! I got that along with a 1986 Topps card of his as well.

1981-82 Topps Basketball Listia Set Part 2:

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When we last left off here I mentioned I was 6 cards into the set. I forgot to mention that one of the sellers threw in an extra card from that set for me. The first seller on Listia by the name of “JimBob24″gave me a Reggie Theus card for free, it may have been because I already bought 4 cards from him that weekend. Since then Ive gotten a few more cards and thats what im going to show here today


Going through my winnings which are both easy and hard at the same time has led me to believe that I need to stay organized. After that Jim Paxson RC that I left off with in post #1 I then won Mitch Kupchak’s card here.

Yes, im still posting links. I have a phone now but I still need to download the wordpress app but I cant for some reason. I will at some point, as soon as I figure out the problem. Anyway I got that card and this one below from the same seller for 499 credits each

I think thats 3 pairs of cards from the same seller right now. And then heres where things get a bit expensive

2 cards, 999 credits total bringing me to 11/198 cards.

I won a Wes Matthews card for 606 credits

Im not too descriptive, sorry about that.. Im trying but its a bit tough without a picture.

And lastly as part of a 3 card lot I won a Darwin Cook Rookie card for 499 credits.

And just to note, it was 3 cards for 499 total credits. So dividing that would mean roughly 167 credits for each card.

7/198=903- thats part 1

6/198=2770 Part 2

so now here I am now

13 cards for a total of 3673 credits. I won another card yesterday but I wont add it here until I get it in hand. Its a bit of a stupdi statement to those who have bought and sold in other sites but im just reaffirming that all items can only be accounted for once theyre in hand.

13 cards for 3,673 credits isnt that bad is it? Well not to me it isnt. I use a 1000-$1 ratio based on the Amazon gift cards that I sell. So that means by my calculations 3,673 credits is $3.67 for those 13 cards.

Sorry for the boring and inconsistent posting lately. Now that I have a phone and other things ill be sure to post more, At least once a week, I promise!


The Listia Set: 1981-82 Topps Basketball

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Hello everyone! As you know I havent had much time to blog anymore. As you can see here im still doing the posts from time to time. I havent abandoned you all yet. You may be wondreing about the title of this post. Well the thing about that is I want to see if I can get a complete Set out of Listia. In my last post I covered a “Perfect Combination” Which allows me to buy and sell on listia without spending a single dime.

And heres where Basketball cards come in. Ive gotten 6 or 7 from the 1981-82 Topps Basketball Set. And I see them listed from time to time so it is possible to do. Its a short set at 198 cards. So lets take a look at the cards Ive won so far…..


It began with these 2 cards from the same seller. I bought them at 100 credits each

I really like the design of the set so I thought “Why not go for the other 196 out there?”

And I did. Later I got these next 2 cards from a different seller, also for 100 credits each.

So at this point I was at 4/198 and only spending 400 credits

I apologize for posting a bunch of links but its the best I can do at the moment. Anyway, I got this one for 303 credits

and the next one for 200

So after 6 cards I am at 6/198 and 903 credits right now. Can I finish the set? Well yes, I mean there are 2 cards up from the set right now. So assuming I win I would be at 8/198 but who knows.

Along with this there have also been 7-13 cards that Ive either missed out on bidding or just didnt have the credits for.A big one being Kareem Abdul Jabbar which went for around 2500. Oh well, There will be more I suppose.

Well thats all I have to say for now. Wish me luck on getting the set together on Listia!


Listia Stuff part 3

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Hello everyone! Let me start off by saying that I apologize for not having posted these past few days. As I said before I havent had much to write about. I havent had any TTM returns although I have sent just one in the past week.

Today I got my SP that I said I made a deal for


There it is! #135 Dale Murphy! Cost me $4 but it definetly was worth the price because I need to finish my set. This was bought from blowout card forum member Yankees _Pride. That brings me to one less card for my 2011 Topps set. I think I need like 65 more to go and all but US330 are going to be hard to get.

On another note here is one listia thing ive gotten


2008 Topps #FS1 Kazuo Uzuki all for the price of 26 credits. Ive also sold a few things, mostly mycoke rewards codes but also a Mark Trumbo orange refractor and 2 cognac SPs.

The unusual thing about that shipment was that it came in this box


Thats right I said box. All for 1 card.

Not pictured is a 1957 Topps card of whitey lockman I got for 530 credits.

I really like listia because you dont have to deal with fees and can easily turn one card into many!

I plan on getting other things besides cards there but for now its all cards I need for my sets or just something that interests me.

Well thats it for now. Ill see when I post again…..

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