TTM Return: Tom Milone

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Hello everyone, I know its been a while since I posted anything. I could write about how ive had nothing to write or ive been bored with the blog or anything else but thats not the case.

I dont really have an explanation for you all so lets move on shall we?

Here is a TTM return from Tom Milone I recieved last week


Thats a signed 2012 Topps chrome Xfractor. Thats not all I recieved though. I also sent him a 2012 chrome base and a 2012 Topps RC.

That isnt the only ttm return ive gotten. Things have been slow in that part of my collection, but ive also gotten a return from Nate Schierholtz and Joe Jacoby.

On the non-ttm side of my collection I managed to get a complete set of 2011 Topps football. Now I have just the SPs and the factory exclusive cards.

It may be a while before im actively posting again so just be patient. But dont worry, im thinking of a lot of things I want to write about.

Thats all for today….


Trade with cardmasters

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The 7th trade in the history of the blog comes from blowout member cardmasters.


Once again the picture is upside down. At first I thought cardmasters was one of those people trying to steal a few cards from people seeing as how hes relatively new. I realized most members start off this way so I let that skepticism go.

What I sent: 2011 topps mike schmidt cognac SP. Also 3-4 filler cards for PWE protection.

What I got in return: the card above a 2007 topps chrome hector gimenez base auto. Its #357 in the set.

Comments: a parallel for an Auto. Both are pretty much worth the same thing now so it was an even trade. I only have 2 cards from 2007 topps chrome but any card I get is awesome. Thanks for the deal cardmasters I hope youre enjoying that SP!

Purchase from the blowoutcards forum #s 3 and 4

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Ok. This one is a 2 purchase post. The picture better show up this time because im really getting irritated by this.

Purchase 3: this was from blowout cards member possom813. I bought a bunch of 2011 topps update base cards for my set all for $3. Theres no picture since I immediately put them in my 2011 topps binder

Purchase 4 My first topps chrome auto.


This is the 3rd auto ive gotten since I started my collection 5 years ago. This was from member metsandweezer. It also cost me $3. Pretty good deal for a chrome auto.
Sorry I didnt have much to say on these purchases but at least theres a picture (i think.)

Trade 4: Thorzul Will Rule

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I recently made an offer to thorzul who writes the blog: throzul will rule. Since im not all that good at doing trade posts ill just write them the same way ive done the last 3

What I sent: 30+ 2011 topps baseball cards which included a few kimball minis 2 base cards and a bunch of other inserts

What I got in return: some cards from various years which included cards from sets such as 2007 opening day 1984 topps baseball and also my first basketball cards. Before the trade I only had 1 but this raises my total which is a good thing.
I also forgot to mention some 2006 topps chrome. Im always happy getting chrome I dont have

Good Trade?: Yes! Any time I can get rid of a lot of inserts in 1 trade is a great trade for me because I hate most inserts (parallels are the only cards I like and those technically are inserts)

Notable Cards: Id have to say the 2 1984 topps cards he sent. 1984 topps is slowly becoming one of my favorite 80’s sets.

Thats all I have to say at this point. I have to start posting pictures of my trades…

1st Trade: Blowout Cards Forum

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With the unfortunate passing of Greg Halman I decided to delay this for a few days. I registered over at the blowout cards forum back in december of 2010. At the time I found it useless. Why would anyone create a forum for cards? then it hit me: Trading! of course I didnt go on after I registered so my 1st post wasnt until about mid september. My intentions on joining the forum was to get rid of a few cards while getting some cash in the process. Unfortunately I ended up trading instead of selling. A good thing however was that I got 30 2010 topps chrome cards in my deal

What did I trade?: A 2011 Topps Cognac Diamond SP of Frank Thomas

What Did I get?: As previously mentioned 30 random cards from 2010 Topps Chrome

Any Notable Cards?: Yes Quite a few in my opinion. Here are some Andrew Cashner Allen Craig Prince Fielder (Great Card you’ve all seen the image) Chad Billingsley Kevin Youkilis

Was It A Good Trade?: Personally I think it was. A mix of good stars and rookies and it was all chrome which I like a lot. Very Shiny and who doesnt like shiny?

If I get any more Cognac SPs I might Trade them for regular Base SPs from any year especially from 2011 because I really like that set and Ive already got 2 SPs

If anyone is reading this and I dont think anyone is I ask you: What do you think? Was it a good trade or not? Please leave a comment if you have an opinion.

Thats all for today. Ill see when I have something good to post…

Topps Chrome Redemptions

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no I dont have any but it is amazing to see what they look like. I have a few questions about these cards though. Are they numbered (ex. 221,222,223 etc.) would they go as part of the regular chrome set or are they all refractors? I know every 10th pack has green refractors but i want to know about the other cards.

Thats all for now…