TTM Return: Vencie Glenn

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I dont feel too good today. Ive been like that since monday. If youre eating right now id hate to tell you this but I think I got diarrhea. If you want ill post a picture of my toilet lol! But seriously its not too bad.

Enough about diarrhea heres a return from chargers safety vencie glenn. He played in the NFL from 1986-1995. He played for the patriots chargers and a few other teams before finishing his career with the giants in 1995. I sent this on february 28 Got it back monday which was cool because that was my birthday. I sent 4 1988 topps cards and offered him 2. I got all 4 back signed in pen.

The cards are #s 2 and 214 in the set

You cant see the autos but they say peace, vencie glenn. Both of the record breaker cards are signed peace and joy but next to his picture on one of the record breaker cards he wrote “me”. Thats going into my 1988 topps binder.

Thanks mr glenn.

By the way thats the first 2 to come in for my autograph set. 2 down 391 to go!!

TTM Return: Tracy Rocker

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I sent a TTM request a few months back to a former NFL Player. He is Tracy Rocker. Since im too lazy to write anything about him ill copy any paste it.

From wikipedia:

Tracy Quinton Rocker (born April 9, 1966) is an American football defensive line coach for the Tennessee Titans in the NFL. He is a former professional football player, first drafted into the National Football League in 1989 by the Washington Redskins.

Pretty self explanatory if you ask me. He only played 2 seasons so hes not well known.


What did I send?

3 cards
1989 topps traded
1990 topps
2010 topps titans team card

Mr Rocker was kind enough to sign my 1989 and 1990 topps cards. I didnt get the 2010 back because I offered him that card. The 1989 topps card is in its binder and the 1990 card….


Yeah I know its upside down. At least the glare doesnt completly cover up the autograph. My camera likes to take pictures upside down sometimes.

Eventually ill put the 1990 topps card in a binder. Im going to start another football set soon.

Thanks Mr.Rocker!!!

TTM Return: Ernie Banks

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Apparently no one reads blogs on sundays…

This might not be much of a feature since it focuses on TTMs but its something I like to do. I found out how this last june and Mr Banks is only the 2nd return ive gotten. Im not dissapointed by that fact but its just something to throw out there.

What I Sent: 2011 topps Ernie Banks SP #247

Waiting Time: About a month a month and a half
Sent it 12-23-11

Total Requests sent to date: 8

Recieved: This…


Again the picture may not be the right size. I apologize but at least you can kind of see the autograph.

Very nice. Thanks Mr. Banks
(the rhyming was unintentional)…

A TTM Failure and other things

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Recently I started doing TTM (Through The Mail) requests just to see how it goes. This was my 3rd request ever and the person was Pat Neshek. I sent around 10-24 and I received an envelope yesterday (11-8) saying that the envelope as unable to be forwarded. I sent to his brooklyn park address but I got no luck. The other thing I wanted to say was that I am currently in the process of conducting my 1st trade. I Pulled a cognac SP about a week ago and Im trading it for a few topps chrome cards. It may look like a bad trade but Im sure Ill get more good cards as I open more packs. Surprisingly Ive gotten 3 SPs this year alone and I am 74 away from completing my set. Yes Im counting the Crawford/Gonzalez SPs as well. Blogger Dayf of the Cardboard Junkie has kindly agreed to send me some 2011 topps needs as well as many cards from 1986-93. Im waiting to see when those arrive. I dont have much from those years so everything will be new to me. More info will be posted when it arrives…

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