Player Collections

Let me start this blog’s page out by saying a few things. First off I hate the term “PC”. I know it means Personal/Player Collection but what we collect is our own personal collection. Player Collections are something I dont normally do and Ive mentioned this before on a blog post. Some collect based on the teams they like such as a brewers fan who collects Molitor. Makes sense right? Of course. Then there are the team collectors. Which brings me to why I hate the term “PC”. I know what “PC”ing a team is. Its collecting cards that feature your favorite team. Onto the real subject: It takes a whole lot of thinking and history and accomplishments admiration  and whatever else you can think of for me to start a player collection.

Here I will place my player collection(s). Roberto Clemente is so far the only player I choose to collect. He had a great life outside baseball and because of his many acts of kindness throughout his life until his death in 1972 he is as of right now the only player I choose to collect cards from.

Heres how the player collection will go: Since I only collect Topps card I will only accept cards from the Topps Company. This includes all brands from base topps to the high end topps tribute. I only exclude all Bowman Products (Since Bowman was once its own company) and Topps Heritage. I exclude anything Topps Heritage because I dont like the concept of it.

Now if you read all of this then good for you. I wanted to make this short but I guess that didnt happen.

Custom cards are also welcome

What I have is listed below

Roberto Clemente Collection

Ozzie Newsome Collection

1979 Topps RC
1988 Topps (signed)
1988 Topps White Jersey Patch (Custom)

Yoenis Cespedes Collection

Warren Moon Collection

1988 Topps #103


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